Elizabeth is a firm believer in helping each other and paying it forward. With her Finance Is Personal platform, she is a supporter of four not for profit organizations.

February 2019: Ability Online so that she can contribute financial literacy to their community. Ability Online is the first social media technology platform for young people with disabilities to connect to each other and the world around them.

December 2019: Opportunity International, an organization that focuses significant attention and resources on empowering women that are more vulnerable to forced labour, malnutrition and violence.

November 2020: Elizabeth created the Elizabeth Naumovski Alumni of Distinction Bursary. This yearly bursary is for a single mother (or female) enrolled in any STEM course at Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario.

January 2021: Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (“DYLOTT”). A black youth-focused leadership incubator organization, geared towards changing the socio-economic outlook for this marginalized community.

January 2021: Freedom’s Wings Canada. They provide people with disabilities the opportunity to fly…

She has also aligned herself with Vantage Venues, Marypics Photography, Wealthy Woman Warrior and Boss & Jack Entertainment.

November 2021 – Financial Literacy Instructor with Knowledge Bureau, a world class financial education provider for advisors and consumers.


Elizabeth loves animals. She rescued her cat Freddy White Socks in January 2007. At the time Freddy was full of ear mites and worms. Thankfully, she is healthy now and full of curiousity. Freddy greets Elizabeth at the door every time she comes home from work and then follows her around the house until she goes to sleep.