The power of a dream
Linda, Ghana

Linda’s bakery is a dream come true. With over 40 employees and plans for expansion in other towns, her business is thriving. She started by selling 40 loaves of bread a day and selling them from a basket on her head. She wanted nothing more than to start her own bakery and with help from Opportunity loans, she was able to make it happen.

Now, her bakery produces 6,600 loaves a day and sells to about a dozen grocery stores. She also has over 100+ women who buy her bread wholesale and then sell it themselves, creating an income for many in her village. Linda also provides housing for ALL her employees. Linda is most excited for her three children, who are now in school and well on their way to being professionals. Linda started with a dream and through the power of opportunity and a loan, she was able to transform her livelihood while passing on more opportunities to her community.

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