The power of aspiring together
Keisi, Dominican Republic

Keisi, a hardworking mother of three, had always been a leader in her community—but for years, she didn’t have sufficient opportunities. She noticed the same for many other mothers in her neighborhood who lacked the confidence and independence to achieve their goals. When she heard about the “Aspirando Juntas” (Aspiring Together) program, she realized it would be perfect for the women in her community. In this program, Keisi learned about financial literacy and how to grow a business. She was able to transform her self-esteem and her reality.

With one opportunity, Keisi was propelled from a life with very little confidence and independence to an empowered woman leading the change for mothers in her community. Now, she is unleashing the power of her potential to live the life of her dreams and to help other women achieve their dreams as well.  

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