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What is the Time Control Gap and how does it describe gender differences in the workplace? Elizabeth asks Dr. Erin Reid, Associate Professor of H-R and Management at the DeGroote School of Business, at McMaster University.

A recent study, "Women, Men and the Time Control Gap" brings to light the gender perceptions and bias that exists in corporate and professional workplaces around the subject of time.

When it comes to time, we can all agree that there’s never enough of it. The reality is that women and men have exactly the same amount of time each day to achieve the same goals.

Women continue to enter professional and corporate jobs at the same rate as men, and many of these career choices result in long work hours.

When you factor in a culture of long work hours, why is it that women are often perceived as having less of a grasp on managing and coping with time demands? Are they unable to control their schedule or are other factors at play.

Most women are pros at juggling family and career, but when the subject of time comes into play, why is it that women are put under a microscope?

Why do our male counterparts forgo the scrutiny that women are subjected to when it comes to time management?

Ladies, it’s time to take control and change our story! Mind the Gap!