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Host Liz Naumovski is joined by Hasina Lookman, Founder of ExplorerHop.com, a company dedicated to helping Women & Children succeed by providing them knowledge about Money Management and Investing.

Many say that we should be teaching our children financial literacy at home from a very young age, but what if you don’t feel comfortable teaching your children because your knowledge about financial literacy is limited or frankly non-existent?

Kids, parents & money are an incredibly powerful trifecta that can change your children’s future & teach them about saving, debt & investing.

Teaching your children about money & financialliteracy at an early age will pay huge dividends towards your child’s financial well being.

Talking about money used to be a “taboo” topic, but if you plant certain thoughts about saving, budgeting & spending less than they earn, your children will be ahead & will be able to prosper without even thinking about it.

How do we make parents more knowledgeable so that they can easily pass their financial knowledge onto their children? Should we pay our children an #allowance? Watch Finance is Personal on YouTube to find out what Hasina has to say.

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