On this episode:

Host Elizabeth Naumovski talks with Constable Jennifer Horner, from Crime Prevention Services, Peel Regional Police.

This is such an important discussion, as we can never protect ourselves enough with how quickly the world is evolving & changing. Whether it's a romance scam, investment scam, a random phone call asking for your personal information or if your email has been hacked, remember, bullies, scammers & fraudsters do not discriminate! Everyone is fair game.

Don't be a victim, if it doesn't feel right, or the outcome is too good to be true - don't do it! Educating yourself & asking a lot of questions is an important step in protecting yourself & your financial future. Don't make quick decisions and don't feel intimidated. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, it’s always about emotions & vulnerability.

Tell 10 people about this fraud & scam show and ask them to share it. Knowledge is power and protection.

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