Finance is Personal is a lively, educational talk show featuring female guests with an emphasis on women’s financial literacy.

Each episode will touch upon life experiences as they relate to financial issues, and cover topics such as:
· Financial planning
· Debt management
· Estate planning
· Investing
· Insurance
· Finance of divorce
· Taxes
· Running a business
· Fraud, and so much more.

While the show offers a variety of financial topics relevant to all Canadians, the information is presented in simple terms, without jargon so that viewers of all ages will be able to understand and learn.

The featured guests offer professional insights and opinions that may help viewers take control of their finances and realize their goals.

Personal finance should not be exclusive to financial professionals only, but understood by all.

The host, Elizabeth Naumovski has worked on Bay Street for over 20 years. She is a well-respected Financial Literacy advocate and a champion for women’s issues.

Below are the most recent 9 episodes of Finance Is Personal, for older archived episodes press here: